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Does your utility bill seem higher than usual?

No one likes paying electricity and water bills—so when a monthly bill seems higher than usual, we understand your concern. Here are some things to keep in mind when reviewing your utility bill.


The COVID-19 effect

On March 24, 2020, residential, farm and small business customers began paying 10.1¢/kWh—or the Off-Peak rate—under the OEB’s Regulated Price Plan (RPP). This temporary COVID-19 relief measure was put in place by the Government of Ontario, and was later extended to May 31, 2020. The rate applied regardless of the time the electricity was consumed.


On June 1, the Government of Ontario changed the rate for residential, farm and small business customers to 12.8¢/kWh—resulting in a 27% difference between May and June bills.


The impact of weather

July and August this year were hot, humid and dry. When the weather is hot, the demand for electricity rises—due to increased fan and air conditioner use. The demand for water also increases as people tend to do laundry more often, and water plants, gardens and lawns with greater frequency.


Count the days

The number of days reflected on your utility bill can range from 25 to 35 days, depending on the calendar, and the impact of statutory holidays. If you’re comparing invoices from month to month, be sure to note the number of days, and the usage shown for each month. You’ll find the following pieces of information on every invoice:


  • Current read date (when your meter was read for this bill)
  • Previous read date (when your meter was read for your previous bill)
  • The usage for the period


Estimated water usage

In August, all water bills were estimated. Please rest assured that meter readings will be obtained in September and the next water invoice will show actual consumption over the period. 

Billing change

A small group of Tillsonburg residents received a two-month water billing last month as a result of internal process changes. If you were affected, your next bill will show only one month.

We’re here for you

We trust this information is helpful to you as you review your bill and manage your future electricity and water consumption. If you have questions, or need further clarification regarding your account, please call the Tillsonburg Customer Service Centre at 519.688.3009, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

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