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The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) conducts a number of reviews that evaluate how well electricity distributors (like Tillsonburg Hydro) are performing.




The Ontario Energy Board uses scorecards to encourage electricity distributors to operate effectively, continually seek ways to improve productivity and focus on improvements that their customers value.


The scorecard includes traditional metrics such as frequency of power outages, financial performance and costs per customer. In 2014, additional metrics were added to scorecard that directly reflect the customer experience.



The Audit and Performance Assessment Department of the Ontario Energy Board performs audits and assesses performance of regulated entities. This includes audit and assessment of utility performance scorecard data and analysis of performance trends to assist the Board’s decision makers.



CDM Annual Report

This annual report is submitted by Tillsonburg Hydro Inc. in accordance with the filing requirements set out in the Conservation and Demand Management (“CDM”) Code for Electricity Distributors, issued September 16, 2010, Board File No. EB-2010-0215 specifically, the Appendix C Annual Report Template, as a progress report and update to Tillsonburg Hydro’s Strategy filed with the Ontario Energy Board (“Board” or “OEB”) on November 1, 2010.