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THI offers several billing options for your convenience.

Variable Payment Plan

New THI customers are automatically billed monthly for the actual cost of services used. This means electricity bills in the summer and winter months will typically be higher to reflect the increase in usage.

Equal Payment Plan

THI customers with at least one year’s worth of billing history can opt into an Equal Payment Plan.

Choose this option and you will pay the same amount each month for 11 months. Your 12th bill will reconcile your account and reflect any over/under payment for the year.

Payment amounts are determined based on the previous year’s costs (i.e. 12 months of bills divided into 11 equal payments = new monthly payment).

  • Must be a residential customer

  • Must sign up for pre-authorized payments

  • Is not available for customers enrolled with a retailer for the purchase of their electricity commodity

Paperless Billing 

Don’t risk misplacing your bill or forgetting to make a payment. Sign up for paperless billing and you’ll automatically receive e-mail reminders when your bill is due. Combine paperless billing with pre-authorized payments for the ultimate in convenience.