New Ultra-Low Overnight Rate Price Plan

Tillsonburg Hydro Inc. is offering a new Ultra-Low Overnight Price Plan to customers effective September 1, 2023.

With the Ultra Low Overnight Rate (ULO) Plan, the price depends on when you use electricity. This means you can help manage your electricity costs by shifting your usage to lower price periods when possible. There are four ULO price periods:

  • Ultra-Low Overnight, when demand for electricity is lowest on average.
  • Weekend Off-peak, when demand for electricity is generally lower.
  • Mid-peak, when demand for electricity is moderate.
  • On-peak, when demand for electricity is highest on average.

The ULO price periods are the same in the summer as they are in the winter. On weekends and holidays, the lowest two rates are in effect.

Visit our Rates page to find out more about the Ultra-Low Overnight Price Plan, and learn how to switch your price plan.


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