Update Your Account

Learn how to make changes to your Tillsonburg Hydro account, such as adding or removing a property or account holder and changing your service address.

Add or remove a property

You can add or remove a property from your account to manage multiple hydro bills or assign bill payments to tenants in properties that you are renting.

Add or remove an account holder

Has your living situation changed? Protect your credit by ensuring that the primary and secondary names on your account are correct. You are responsible for all charges while a property’s account is in your name.

To add an account holder to a property, please complete our Add an Account Holder Form and send it to us either:

To remove an account holder, please contact us at the email address above or by phone at 519-842-9200.

Moving and changing your address

If you are changing your home or business address, either within Tillsonburg or outside of it, find out the next steps for your current service account.

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