Paying Your Bill

What's included on your bill

For your convenience, customers of Tillsonburg Hydro Inc., receive a utility bill that shows fees owing for electricity usage,  as well as water and sewer charges. The bills are sent out from the Tillsonburg Customer Service office.


Choose a payment plan

If you are a customer with a residential account, you can choose to be billed through a Variable Payment Plan or an Equal Payment Plan. If you have a business account, you may only be billed through the Variable Payment Plan.

Variable Payment Plan

New Tillsonburg Hydro customers are automatically put on the variable payment plan. With this plan you are billed monthly for the actual cost of services used. This means your electricity bills will typically be higher in the summer and winter months to reflect an increase in usage. 

Equal Payment Plan

If you have been a residential customer with Tillsonburg Hydro for at least one year (i.e. have one year’s worth of billing history), you can choose to be billed using the Equal Payment Plan. 

With this plan, you pay the same amount each month for 11 months. Your 12th bill will reflect any overpayments or underpayments for the year.

Payment amounts are determined using the previous year’s costs (i.e., your 12 months of previous bills divided into 11 equal payments will equal your new monthly payment).

To sign up for the Equal Payment Plan, you must:

This plan is not available for customers who are enrolled with a retailer for the purchase of their electricity commodity.

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