Add or Remove a Property

You can add or remove properties from your account with Tillsonburg Hydro to control which hydro bills you are paying. If you are a landlord, you can also assign bill payments to the tenants at your rental properties.

Add a property to your account

To add a new property to your existing account, you will need to submit an application/contract for service. You can fill out the form's fields online, then sign and send back to us.

Each property will have a unique identification number within your customer account.

Remove a property from your account

If you would like to remove a property from your existing account, please call 519-842-9200 or send an email to 

Rental properties and tenant payments

If you have purchased a rental property in the Town of Tillsonburg and want your tenants to be responsible for hydro bill payments, you must complete an Owner/Landlord Agreement and submit it to us:


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