Powerline Safety

Coming into contact with overhead powerlines can be deadly. Respect the power by using common sense and taking care when working around powerlines. 

Tips for staying safe

1. Look up and locate powerlines

Before you start any yard work or outdoor home maintenance, locate powerlines. Be especially aware of powerlines that may be hidden by trees.

2. Stay back 3 metres

You don’t have to touch a powerline to get a deadly shock. Electricity can jump or “arc” to you or your tools if you get too close. Make sure you stay at least three metres (10 feet) back from powerlines.

3. Carry ladders sideways

Never carry ladders upright as they may come in contact or close to powerlines. Check for overhead powerlines before standing a ladder up.

4. Keep away from danger

Keep away from electrical transmission and distribution lines, and never climb utility poles. If an item ends up inside a transformer station, call us.

5. Call or click before you dig

Powerlines can be buried underground. Before you start a project, contact Ontario One Call. Ask to locate all utility-owned underground infrastructure.

6. Let us prune near powerlines

If your trees have already grown into the powerlines, contact us or a utility arborist. Do not prune trees around powerlines yourself.

7. Watch for downed powerlines

If you see one, stay back about the length of a school bus (10 metres or 33 feet) and call 9-1-1.

8. Teach your kids about powerline safety

Help children find safe places to play, away from utility poles and powerlines. Remind children never to climb trees near powerlines. The green boxes on lawns or in parks are also off-limits.
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